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WATCH: SEVENTEEN Takes The Reins In Masterful “MAESTRO” Music Video

SEVENTEEN is back with a “best of” album that chronicles the past nine years from their debut to their rise as one of the genre’s biggest acts.

SEVENTEEN BEST ALBUM ’17 IS RIGHT HERE’ was released on April 29th at 6 p.m. KST along with the music video for the title track “MAESTRO.”

Representative of the self-producing idols, the song was written and composed by SEVENTEEN’s staple creators WOOZI and BUMZU. The pair incorporated musical elements from seven of the group’s previous title tracks as a special easter egg for fans, creating a new style unique to SEVENTEEN.

The music video for “MAESTRO” depicts a dystopian world that has been overtaken by AI, reflecting the real threat creative spheres face from the unethical use of new technology. In showcasing this timely story, actual AI, robots, and motion capture were used while SEVENTEEN ultimately takes control of that world. It’s one of many symbolic messages embedded in the video that allows viewers to find their own interpretations.

17 IS RIGHT HERE contains a powerhouse of 33 tracks which include “MAESTRO” and three new unit songs which will all be getting music videos. Additionally, Korean versions of the group’s eight Japanese singles and 20 of their Korean title tracks are featured on the album.

Check out the magnificent “MAESTRO” MV below!

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