Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

WATCH: SEVENTEEN Is Like A “Fallin’ Flower” In Stunning MV For Japanese Comeback

SEVENTEEN has released a new music video!

On March 23rd, the talented K-pop group released the video for “Fallin’ Flower,” the title track off their upcoming Japanese single album. The beautiful song compares the precious moment of falling in love with the falling of a flower petal. Likening it to the sudden, wonderful moment of blooming, they confess that their lonely life before is now changing due to the love brought about by someone new.

Meanwhile, the beautiful video is perfect in all its artistic detail. Several of the members are seen chained up, trying to break free from their bonds as they incorporate the meaningful scene into stunning choreography. Acting out the beauty that love brings to their lives, we then witness their chains breaking and the group finding peace as flower petals begin to float upwards, signifying the hope of new beginnings instead of the ending of love like a fading flower falling to the ground.

Overall, the video and song work together perfectly to bring about an impactful and emotional piece that is sure to please fans of both the group and the genre!

“Fallin’ Flower” will be released as a physical single album on April 2nd. This marks the group’s second Japanese single to be released after making their debut in Japan in March of 2018.

Check out the new music video and song below!

Media: SEVENTEEN Japan Official YouTube