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WATCH: Seowool (IMFACT’s Jeup) Makes Solo Debut In Emotional “Daystar” MV

On October 3rd at 6 p.m. KST, Seowool (better known as Jeup, the main vocalist of boy group IMFACT) made his solo debut under KH Company with his first single album, Daystar!

The song features a stunningly poignant piano line and strings which compliments Seowool’s masterful singing ability. The heart-rending vocal performance conveys the regret of a break-up by comparing your lost love to a star that shines in the sky during the day.

It was written and composed by Choi Hyunjoon of the ballad group VOS who has been a senior and mentor to Seowool since their days under the agency, Star Empire. The strong loyalty and professional aspects between the two artists have continued from their former agency.

Ballad composer Ahn Seyoung also participated in the composition of “Daystar” in addition to CLEF Company‘s Son Isaac who arranged the track with Choi Hyunjoon.

Earlier this year in April, months after the news of IMFACT’s departure from their company, Seowool announced his new chapter as a soloist under the new name. It was also revealed that during the survival program “The Unit,” he and ballad singer Lee Woo (formerly MADTOWN‘s Lee Geon) became close. Following Lee Woo’s support and advice, Seowool decided to join KH Company which is home to Kim Hankyul, Kim Dohee, and Lee Woo.

Although IMFACT are no longer under the same company and each of the members is focusing on individual activities or is currently enlisted, there has been no announcement of disbandment.

Check out the music video for Seowool’s soul-stirring debut “Daystar” below!

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