Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

WATCH: Seoul Philharmonic Drops Orchestra Version Of Red Velvet’s “Psycho”

A beautiful new rendition of Red Velvet‘s “Psycho” is here!

On March 29th, the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra released the song as part of their newest endeavor of their series entitled “SM Classics.”

The song was originally composed by by Andrew Scott, Cazzi Opeia, and EJAE. However, the new orchestration is by Sang Un Kang, Han Moi Kang, and Yeong Sang Kim. The beautiful arrangement brings the song to new heights as we see the orchestra led onscreen while simultaneously being privy to the love story of a young couple out on a date.

The sweet and simple video allows the music to take stage (literally) front and center as it deserves.

SMTOWN happened upon the idea for SM Classics three years ago when they released Red Velvet’s fun summer song “Red Flavor” as part of their SM STATION series. The release was such a hit that they followed it up with Jonghyun‘s popular track “End of a Day.” After a few more orchestra orrangements on SM STATION, they then made the official transition into SM Classics.

Check out the new release below! You can also check out the full SM Classic playlist by clicking here or by following the SM Classics’ Instagram or Twitter/X account here where you can see behind-the-scenes music scores and get to know their musicians.