Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

WATCH: Seongri Ponders Ebb And Flow Of Relationships In “If It Wasn’t You” MV

On December 14th at 12 p.m KST, soloist Seongri released his second mini-album, entitled Fate Way, and the title track: “If It Wasn’t You.”

The trot ballad is a sincere confession that can be interpreted as a thanks for various kinds of relationships. It tells of the paths of meeting, parting, and then reuniting with significant people in our lives. 

The elegant track was written by lyricist Kim Heejung and was composed by Hong Sungmin and Lee Sangmoo, both of whom worked together on Seongri’s previous release, “My Angel.”

The former leader of “Produce 101 Season 2” project group RAINZ shows off an incredible, powerhouse vocal performance that at times feels operatic in its strong and steady delivery. 

Evidently inspired by his growth this year through the trot survival program “Voice Trot” where the singer competed alongside fellow current and former idol group members such as Subin of girl group Dal Shabet, Seokjin of rookie boy group N.CUS, Jeongmin formerly of BOYFRIEND, and UP10TION’s Sunyoul.

Contained in Seongri’s second mini-album are themes that are much deeper and more mature than his previous works.

Check out the emotional MV for “If It Wasn’t You” below!

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MEDIA: C2K Entertainment