Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

WATCH: PURPLEBECK Introduces Their Brand With Debut “Crystal Ball” MV

MAJESTY Entertainment‘s PURPLEBECK has arrived!

On June 24th KST, the girls gave a taste of what their group was capable of by dropping their debut track and music video for “Crystal Ball.”

A plethora of talents were called together to create their first jump into the Korean entertainment industry.

Coach & Sendo who produced the track were also behind songs from SHINee, NCT 127, and Chungha. EZIN who created the choreo was also the one who helped artists like Ailee with their dances. Vatos Film who is behind the music video is also the creative that helped bring CLCs “Me” music video to life.

PURPLEBECK is composed of five members: Layeon, Seyeon, Mini, Yeowool, and Yerim.

Their name came out of the idea of purple being a royal color and “beck” which is the English regional word for a stream. Like how streams converge and flow into open water, they desire to achieve great things from their humble beginnings.

Check out he music video below!

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MEDIA: New Music Official, MAJESTY Entertainment