Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

WATCH: ONF Anticipates The Future In “Your Song” MV For Special Album

Back unexpectedly after eight months, and while five out of six members are in the military, is ONF!

Returning on August 16th at 6 p.m. KST with Storage Of ONF, the group’s special album was planned in advance before the enlistment to comfort waiting fans.

The title track “Your Song” is a synth pop genre song with an audibly pleasing sound. A calm introduction leads to a bright, dreamy chorus of catchy guitar riffs and sitars in signature ONF fashion.

It was written, composed, and arranged by main ONF producer Hwang Hyun of MonoTree. Additionally, the group’s main rapper Wyatt also penned lyrics for the song.

With “Your Song,” the WM Entertainment boy group continues to expand on their cyberpunk-inspired world that has been created in their music videos. The futurist visuals they present in their MVs is a quintessential part of ONF’s identity— much in the same way as their instantly recognizable music style.

Storage Of ONF contains 10 tracks, including remastered versions of five past songs known to be fan favorites. The other new songs span genres from house music, jazz, and hybrid trap.

Check out “Your Song” below!

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MEDIA: WM Entertainment