Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

WATCH: Nicki Minaj Makes Appearance In New Version Of BTS’s “IDOL” MV

BTS has dropped a new video for their hit song “IDOL.”

The music video was released on September 6th and features Nicki Minaj herself, looking picture perfect with green hair and lounging around comfortably on a colorful sofa and set. A BTS-only version of the video was released last week, but fans are thrilled to see a second version exist that includes the popular American singer who featured in the song.

Apart from the addition of Nicki Minaj, clips of fans who participated in the “IDOL Challenge” are also shown at the end of the new MV. The “IDOL Challenge” is a viral dance challenge created by BTS when fans began to imitate the group’s flashy choreography and upload their own versions to social media.

When the MV was released, the hashtag #Feat_NickiMinaj quickly became one of the top trends worldwide on Twitter. In fact, since their first concert of their new U.S. tour was held in Los Angeles yesterday, the group has been holding multiple spots on the list of top trends worldwide as people talked about the concert, individual members, and more.

Check out the MV below! Which version of the MV do you like best?

Media: Big Hit Entertainment