Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

WATCH: n.SSign Pours Out Their Hearts In “Love, Love, Love Love Love!” MV

On April 24th at 6 p.m. KST, n.SSign released the music video for “Love, Love, Love Love Love!” 

The third title track off their second mini-album Happy & follows the music videos for “Happy &” and “FUNK JAM” in February and March, respectively.

“Love, Love, Love Love Love!” is an easy-listening pop song over a minimalist track. It captures the simple, ecstatic emotion of love, especially a kind of love that takes over the world. 

The n.SSign members’ voices shine brightly as they sing of their love, accompanied by drums that pound like a heartbeat. Meanwhile, the song is a cheerful depiction of the exhilarating love that makes all the ordinary things in life extraordinary, further conveyed by a cute glockenspiel.

Check out the sweet music video for “Love, Love, Love Love Love!” below!

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Justin is an Aussie K-pop fanboy passionate about underrated and under-loved artists. He loves all types of music and is a dedicated TV show and soap opera viewer.  

MEDIA: n.CH Entertainment