Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

WATCH: MVP Breaks Three-Year Hiatus With Sincere Confession In “Every Day” MV

Longing fans of MVP are celebrating the release of the group’s first comeback in over three years!

On October 22nd at 6 p.m. KST, the PH Entertainment boy group officially returned for the first time since their 2017 debut with the release of the sweet and emotional new track, “Every Day.”

The song was written and composed by leader Kanghan who poured his heartfelt feelings into the beautiful lyrics that speak to the group’s yearning for fans who have been patiently waiting and supporting MVP during the long hiatus. 

“Every Day” is an attractive song that softly leads between trap and EDM as the vocal line’s strong singing power of Kanghan, Sion, and Gitaek blend well with the charming rap tone of Rayoon and P.K’s rhythmical rap. 

Meanwhile, Gitaek, who enlisted on October 12th KST, fully participated in the preparation of the comeback and is present in the music video although he will not be participating in subsequent promotional activities. 

Watch MVP’s highly anticipated return below!

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Justin is a K-pop fan from Australia who is passionate about shining a light on underrated and lesser known groups. As a lifelong lover of all styles of music, this deep-thinker is currently spending his time in lockdown getting acquainted with songs both new and old, creating the soundtrack to this season of spiritual and personal growth.

MEDIA: PH Entertainment