Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

WATCH: MAKAMAKA Remakes “Hey U” With MV Directed By Super Junior’s Shindong

On August 12th at 12 p.m. KST, MAKAMAKA made their comeback with “Hey U”!

The song is a remake of first generation girl group Chakra’s 2000 hit and has been rearranged into a more groovy and exhilarating dance hall beat, resulting in a bright and exciting atmosphere.

Members of Sangmind Entertainment, who worked on the original song, reunited for the first time in 21 years to reinvent the song for MAKAMAKA. Lee Sangmin (then-CEO of the company, member of co-ed group Roo’Ra and one of Korea’s most successful producers) originally co-wrote and produced the song with composer Kim Sangtae who created the rearrangement for the 2021 version. 

The addition of art director Ikama completed the “dream team” of Sangmind Entertainment as it was back in 2000 who then worked on MAKAMAKA’s logo, artwork, and concept for the new version of the song. 

The music video for “Hey U” was directed by Super Junior member Shindong through his company Walala Production. Hajin, singer of the “Sky Castle” OST “We All Lie,” participated in the musical direction of the track and sang on the chorus, highlighting MAKAMAKA’s charms and unique tones.

MAKAMAKA’s second single album Hey U also contains the song “Polaroid,” a deep house track which offers a glimpse of the distinct colors of the five-member girl group. The talented group debuted in August of 2020 with “Burning Power.”

Check out the “Hey U” MV below!

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