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WATCH: LU4US Drops First New Music In 2 Years With “My Love” Music Video

Singer-songwriter idol group LU4US made a triumphant comeback on October 4th at 6 p.m. KST with their digital EP, My Love!

The trio are returning after a long hiatus of two years which saw the departures of longtime members Haewon and Kyungjin as well as the addition of Hyoya (Jonghyo), a former member of LC9 (as J-Hyo) and CIRCUS CRAZY (as Kizo). 

Title track “My Love” is a medium-tempo pop song with a sophisticated feel not commonly heard by ballad groups in Korea and features heavy drum sounds, modern rock guitar, and an arpeggio pattern performance.

The warm lyrics send a message of comfort and a promise to always be by the side of loved ones. It was written by all three LU4US members who showcase their distinct vocals that ultimately come together for an awe-inspiring harmony in the song’s bridge section.

Despite “My Love” being the first new music for the group in 2 years – and with a new line-up of Donghyeon, Choi, and Hyoya – the three members’ natural chemistry and mutual passion for the music is undeniably evident. LU4US feels stronger than ever with this revamped chapter for the group which has experienced many changes and various iterations since their 2014 debut as LU:KUS and later as L.A.U.

My Love contains two additional tracks that were made for LU4US’ fans five years ago but were not released in an album until now. 

“Dream Of The Future” stands out with a calming, comforting piano sound combined with the sweet voices of the members. Written and composed by Choi, it conveys a hopeful message that covers concerns about the future.

“Star,” which switches up things, is a dance song with major EDM vibes, dedicated to everyone who has delivered support from where they are. Again, Choi wrote and composed the song with additional lyrics provided by Hyoya.

The group’s self-producing, hands-on approach goes beyond the usual writing and composing credits. All of the members participate in directing the vocals as well as various other aspects of the production process. Most notably, newest member Hyoya directed and edited the music video for “My Love” while also designing the album artwork of the digital EP. 

Watch the “My Love” MV below!

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