Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

WATCH: Lee Woo Asks “Why?” In Emotionally-Charged Dramatized Music Video

Emotional ballad singer Lee Woo is back with his fifteenth break-up story “Why?” and its accompanying dramatic music video on September 9th at 6p.m KST.

The single album contains two new songs that convey the feelings of separation honestly and fervently, an experience wholly present through title track “Why?”

Completed before the singer’s enlistment in November of last year, Lee Woo co-composed the song with production team Tom And Jerry. The lyrics— written by composer and lyricist Lee Yongmin— realistically express the weight of sadness felt by a man who predicts that love is coming to an end.

These feelings are continued in side-track “I’m Sorry,” chronicling the growing regret and longing caused by the painful separation. It is another emotional ballad written by Lee Yongmin with Lee Woo participating in the lyrics. 

Much like Lee Woo’s previous singles, the cinematic music video for “Why?” is presented like a short drama film, far exceeding its predecessors with a running time of almost 14-minutes. Hwang Jungha, who was a contestant on KBS’ “The Unit” with Lee Woo in 2018, stars as the male lead opposite actresses Seok Yerim and Ha Un, further increasing the anticipation of fans for the release.

Listen to Why? here and on all major music platforms, and check out the engrossing MV below!

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