Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

Watch: Ladies’ Code Sojung Releases Solo Debut MV For “Better Than Me”

Ladies’ Code member Sojung has released the MV for her solo debut song, “Better Than Me.”

Created by producing team Artronic Waves, “Better Than Me” is a sorrowful ballad filled with powerful vocals that catches the listeners’ attention from the beginning. The MV features LOOΠΔ’s Hyunjin as the protagonist, and she does an amazing job emoting the sad feelings from a breakup. Th MV is shot in one long take, further emphasizing the emotional heartbreak expressed in the song. Shot in Prague, Czech Republic, the scene appears to take place on a trolley.

Ladies’ Code debuted in 2013 and Sojung received much love for her distinctive husky vocals. Last year, she appeared in JTBC ‘s “Girl Spirit” and showcased her versatile charm and an overwhelming singing ability that fascinated audiences, showing her ability to potentially succeed as a solo singer.

Check out the MV below!

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Media: Polaris Entertainment

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