Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

WATCH: K-Tigers Zero’s Yoonji Makes Solo Debut As plee In “Blind” MV Featuring Crucial Star

On December 16th KST, Yoonji of co-ed group K-Tigers Zero made her solo debut as plee with the digital single titled “Blind.”

Presenting a new image that differs from the strong performer/taekwondo girl-crush seen in K-Tigers Zero, the R&B-style ballad shows a softer side to the singer who expressed her honest inner emotions. 

K-Tigers E&C label mates Xitsuh and leanon produced the song. The latter composed the track alongside rapper and record producer Crucial Star who also features on the track. Xitsuh, leanon, and Crucial Star all wrote the lyrics for “Blind,” depicting the sad heart of a woman who has expressed her love but was not reciprocated.

The name plee came about as a combination of “apple,” Yoonji’s favorite fruit to start everyday with, and “purple,” a color you can see in the sky during sunsets.

Together, “plee” represents the beginning and the end of the day, as well as the singer’s hope of being a person who radiates a mysterious purple light, shining brightly yet becoming more beautiful even when it’s dark.

Watch the lovingly warm debut below!

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MEDIA: K-Tigers E&C