Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

WATCH: K-Indie Band O.O.O Delivers Deep Emotion In New “SEESAW” MV

O.O.O is back with a new song and MV!

On December 4th, the talented indie band released the music video for “SEESAW.” The band, whose name stands for “Out of Office,” is made up of Ka Sung Hyun (vocals), Jang Yong Ho (guitar), Lee Ji Sang (bass), and Yoo Jin Sang (drums). With this new release, the band provides another fantastic song that is sure to be a hit among indie lovers.

The vocals are delivered lightly over the tempered, mellow rock ballad, giving it an air of nostalgia. Meanwhile, the video itself shows the story of a young man who wanders listlessly through life as he mourns the loss of a past relationship. As we watch his story, the track feels as if it’s being reigned in, lending a further sense of sadness and tempered emotion.

Just as the song feels like it is coming to an end, the rock ballad suddenly breaks out strongly with an emotional release that makes the song seem as if it is crying. At the same time, the video goes black before suddenly being filled with bright, happy memories of the young man and his former love.

Both the video and the song deliver a sincere emotion that will resonate with listeners who have also experienced heartbreak.

Check out the video below! What do you think of this talented indie band and their new song?

Media: 1theK