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WATCH: Junho Drops Colorful “Instant Love” and “CANVAS” Music Videos

2PM member Junho has returned to the music scene full-fledged with two brand new music videos!

On September 11th, JYP Entertainment dropped the music videos for two of Junho’s tracks, “Instant Love” and “CANVAS.” Both of the tracks boast a smooth, electronic hip-hop style that is fueled with lyrics depicting infatuation and love.

The “CANVAS” music video follows Junho as he wanders aimlessly through a desert scene and city nightscape. On the other hand, the “Instant Love” music video flows with colorful aesthetic scenes that depict the emotional back-and-forth feeling of falling in love. “Instant Love” also features TWICE member and label-mate, Sana!

These two title music videos actually follow a recent release for his track “Fine” as well as a special clip for “어차피 잊을 거면서 (Forget It)” featuring CHEEZE, both of which are also tracks on the album, CANVAS. Rounding it out with “Wow,” “Nobody Else,” and “Run To You,” the album has seven tracks in all.

Despite multiple single releases in the past, CANVAS is Junho’s first mini album and marks his official solo debut.

Definitely check out the new music videos below, then tell us what you think about them in the comment section!

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Media: JYP Entertainment

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