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WATCH: Jeongmin Gets Sentimental In Heartfelt “The Day Of Ours” MV


Former BOYFRIEND member turned singer-songwriter Jeongmin has returned with his fourth single album, Rewind!

On April 6th at 6 p.m. KST, the former idol group member released the MV for “The Day Of Ours,” a rock-based ballad written and composed by Jeongmin together with the production team Sweetune, lyricist Song Soo-Yoon and composers Han Jae-Ho and Kim Seung-Soo.

The song is reminiscent of that special day many of us often look back on, either with someone you love or someone you miss. The melody and healing vocals of Jeongmin reflect the refreshing feeling of spring.

The music video is set in a photographer’s darkroom, with Jeongmin recalling various moments with the one he loves and developing photos of those precious memories. It beautifully showcases gorgeous scenery and adorable romantic moments between Jeongmin and the female lead, played by Korean model Seo Jeran.

Jeongmin was a former member of beloved Starship Entertainment boy group BOYFRIEND for 8 years. They unfortunately disbanded in May of 2019, just one week shy of the group’s debut anniversary. 

He then joined forces with one of the founders of Sweetune, Han Jae-Ho, who had worked extensively with BOYFRIEND as a producer. Jae-Ho originally thought of Jeongmin as a good fit to join Sweetune as a composer but the two ended up establishing their own music label, Ara Line Entertainment

The new label plans to discover and nurture artists who can write their own songs, and recruit new singers and songwriters.

It was around the time of the agency’s establishment that Jeongmin created his own official YouTube channel, JMTV, where he posts various content like cover songs and vlogs (with the occasional feature of his former BOYFRIEND members) as well as his official music videos.

Jeongmin made his official solo debut as a singer-songwriter in June 2019, with the soothing ballad “Twenty One, Me and You” off his first single album Small But Certain Happiness (Nearby). He then went on to release two more singles, upbeat and catchy “Why?” and dreamy “Winter Dream.”

The soloist consistently held fan meetings and concerts in Korea since his solo debut, even held an intimate “healing campfire” event where he performed in front of his fans while they all sat together around a campfire.

Earlier this year, he featured on the track “I’m Happy Because I’m Not Happy Yet” by producer and singer-songwriter STi. Jeongmin took part in writing the lyrics and composing the song. 

Check out the music video off his fourth single album!

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