Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

WATCH: Jeon Somi Celebrates With Colorful Party For Her “Birthday” Debut MV

Jeon Somi is back for her debut as a solo artist!

The former I.O.I member has dropped a music video for her solo debut track, entitled ”Birthday,” a song composed by Teddy, Bekuh Boom, and 24. It also features her self-composed track ”Outta My Head” which is an R&B song that portrays hardships of being in love.

”Birthday” is an upbeat dance track with a catchy chorus. The singer’s rapping styles match the colorful and playful background which adds an exciting feeling and makes it an even more energetic song. Jeon Somi portrays a  happy and bubbly personality with her adorable outfits which added boldness to her new track.

Check out Jeon Somi’s debut song ”Birthday” below. What do you think?

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