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WATCH: Jae Chong Of R&B Trio SOLID Drops Solo EP As SAVIYN With “Kill The Lights” Lyric Video

Multi-platinum music producer Jung Jae Yoon, better known as Jae Chong from the 90’s K-pop/R&B group SOLID, is back! He released new music with EP Voyage.01 on September 18th at 12 p.m. KST under the pseudonym, SAVIYN

The album hosts five songs which display unique and experimental musical colors. It was inspired by global pop producers such as Mark Ronson, Calvin Harris, and Timbaland.

“Kill The Lights” is one of the EP’s double title tracks and is a bright, electronic pop song with a pulsating baseline and addictive melody. The second title track “Sugar Honey Iced Tea” is the only R&B song on the album and features rising new artist Kiyoné from California, who SAVIYN is introducing to the world through this song.

Fellow SOLID member Lee Joon also appears on the album as a featured rapper on the track “One Weekend.” Terry Shorter, who has worked with SAVIYN for a long time, contributed his writing and vocals to the uplifting message contained within “We Can Love.”

SOLID debuted in 1993 and were known as the “Kings of R&B.” They are credited as a major influence in the transformation and development of the current sound of K-pop by bringing musical elements and sounds prevalent in the U.S. into Korean music.

Members Kim Johan, Lee Joon, and Jae Chong were childhood friends from Orange County, California. They became the first Korean-Americans to have success in the Korean music industry. Subsequently opening doors for Koreans from abroad to enter the industry, this also began prompting the industry to begin actively seeking out talent abroad.

The group took an extended hiatus in 1997, while each member pursued solo activities within their specialized fields. Kim Johan became a celebrated solo musician in Korea, Lee Joon went into real estate as a business entrepreneur in the U.S, and Jae Chong established himself as a distinguished international music producer within the Asian music scene and the States. The trio reunited in 2018 for their 21st anniversary with the release of a new album and concert tour.

SAVIYN’s Voyage.01 marks the beginning of a series of solo albums which will be released from 2020 to 2021. It is available on all streaming and downloading sites.

Check out the lyric video for “Kill The Lights” below!

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