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WATCH: IVE Transforms Into Legendary Tigresses In “HEYA” Comeback MV

IVE returned with their second mini-album IVE SWITCH and the music video for the first of two title tracks “HEYA” on April 29th at 6 p.m. KST!

The hip-hop song contains lyrics inspired by Korean folklore, specifically a new interpretation of the Korean legend of the sun and the moon. The original story is about a brother and sister escaping a tiger chasing them, eventually climbing so high they became the sun and the moon. In IVE’s creative retelling, the tiger is actually in love with the sun and is chasing him.

The “HEYA” music video stylishly incorporates Korean folklore imagery and traditional Eastern symbols into the costumes, sets, and narrative.

Starship label mate Exy of WJSN (Cosmic Girls) penned the lyrics for “HEYA,” along with Lee Seuran and rapper Sohlhee. The composition was produced by Ryan Jhun, Dem Jointz, Ido Nadjar, Kloe Latimer, Jack Brady, and Jordan Roman.

The second title track “Accendio” shows a different side to the girl group, and was co-written by Gaeko of Dynamicduo. Both title songs are found on IVE’s second mini-album IVE SWITCH in addition to four more new tracks.

Check out the mesmerizing “HEYA” MV below!

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