Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

WATCH: ITZY Inches Nearer To Their Comeback With “Mr. Vampire” Pre-Release MV

On January 2nd KST, ITZY released their single “Mr. Vampire” ahead of their upcoming comeback!

Written by Seo Jieum, the hip-hop song likens the emerging feeling of love and liveliness to a vampire slowly waking up from its deep slumber. It was composed by Kobee (Melange / INHOUSE), Holy M (Melange / INHOUSE), EZIT (INHOUSE), Noémie Legrand, and Sofia Quinn.

ITZY has previously dropped “Born To Be,” Yeji‘s “Crown On My Head,” Ryujin‘s “Run Away,” Chaeryeong‘s “Mine,” and Yuna‘s “Yet, but” music videos. Their pre-release single “Mr. Vampire” completes the preparation for their comeback with their studio album BORN TO BE and its title track, “UNTOUCHABLE,” on January 8th KST.

Member Lia, who has been on hiatus since September, will not be participating in their upcoming comeback and will sit out from the group’s world tour (scheduled to start with a two-day Seoul concert in February) to focus on recovery after being diagnosed with anxiety disorder. However, she has released a lyric video for her solo “Blossom” and expressed her sincere emotions towards fans.

Watch the music video here!

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