Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

WATCH: IMFACT’s Taeho Releases MV for Heavenly Self-Composed Original Track “Remember”

IMFACT vocalist Taeho posted a self-made music video for “Remember” on his personal YouTube channel!

The boy group member began posting his own teasers on Instagram, revealing the release date of the video for March 30th at 10 p.m KST.

“Remember” was first released as a shorter version back in December through Taeho’s personal YouTube channel, with many fans wishing it was longer. As such, Taeho has not disappointed as he released an extended final version of the track that features a full band, along with a music video that has a running time of five minutes.

Visually, the video is stunning and perfectly captures the ethereal and serene vibe of the song as Taeho is seen on an empty beach, pouring his heart out while the calming waves flow in the background. It feels like a beautiful outdoor concert.

The song’s lyrics were written entirely by Taeho himself. He also worked on the song with members of the band playing instruments on the track, all of which have played instruments for IMFACT and can be seen in the background of some of the group’s cover song performances on their YouTube channel.

Taeho composed the track with indie singer-songwriter BellLight, who also plays acoustic guitar on “Remember,” and Seung Jun, who provides the electric guitar and who also mixed the song together with Taeho. The song was arranged by drummer Tae Han, Seung Jun, and bassist Sung Min, and was produced by Toast Studio.

“Remember” showcases Taeho’s impressive and seemingly effortless vocal range, his flawless transitions in and out of falsetto are simply celestial and will make your heart soar! There is so much richness and depth on display here in regards to Taeho’s voice, with each breathy, emotive line sure to captivate every listener.

The singer posted a heartfelt comment underneath this latest video saying:

“Everyone is having a hard time because of Corona these days, but I believe it will get better!! I’m sure you’re all very frustrated, but I hope you can heal with my videos and songs.^^❤️”

This marks the second original track Taeho has posted on his YouTube channel. Earlier this year in January, he released the self-composed “To Reach You” along with its own music video.

IMFACT fans have a lot to celebrate as just last week member Sang released his own original song and self-made lyric video for “Home Sweet Home”, the latest in a string of original songs he has written, composed, and produced himself.

Although IMFACT’s last official comeback in Korea was in January 2019 (the deep house hit “Only U“), that hasn’t stopped the members from releasing various content online for fans such as song covers, dance choreography videos, original self-composed tracks, etc. Member Jeup has even started video game live streaming on the popular platform Twitch.

In February, IMFACT announced a project with crowdfunding service “We X” where fans can participate in the production of a new digital single that the members wrote and composed themselves. Less than a month later, they successfully met their project goal, thanks to their passionate and devoted fans from all over the world known as IF (which takes the ‘I’ from “IMFACT” and the ‘F’ from “fans,” meaning that IMFACT and fans are one!)

Check out Taeho’s original song “Remember” below, which features subtitles/closed captions for over 10 languages!

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