Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

WATCH: Highlight’s Gikwang Returns As A Solo Artist With “Don’t Close Your Eyes” MV Feat. Kid Milli

Highlight‘s Lee Gikwang is back with a solo project!

On March 18th at 6 p.m. KST, Gikwang dropped a music video for “Don’t Close Your Eyes,” the title track of his new album.

Considered R&B-hiphop and featuring Kid Milli, the song dives into memories that stay with you. Gikwang himself helped compose the track.

The music video sizzles with slick dancing infused with sensual energy, drawing fans in and rendering them from looking away.

Gikwang’s newest single album is called I and contains three additional songs: “Lonely,” “MOOD,” and “Missing You.” He was revealed to have co-written and co-composed every single one of them. I is one of Gikwang’s last projects before entering mandatory military service on April 18th.

Watch the music video here:

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