Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

WATCH: HA:TFELT Bares Different Sides In “Sweet Sensations” And “Satellite” MVs


Soloist HA:TFELT launched her first full solo album on April 23rd KST! And to officially kick off her comeback, she released music videos for her double title tracks.

“Sweet Sensation” features paints the aftermath of a distressing night as well as the positive thoughts of the future. “Satellite” is a collaboration with rapper Ash Island which describes the surreal experience of floating through time and space to reach a sought-after desire.

In a press interview she conducted with several media outlets, she confesses that the EP is a collection that references the cruelest moments of her life. Her album comes with 14 songs as well as a very personal glimpse into the singer’s journey.

1719 stands for the moments that were significant to her, symbolizing serious transitions in her life. First, the ages of puberty between 17 to 19 when emotions were volatile and changes were expected to happen. Then, the setting of the sun that falls between 17:00 to 19:00. Finally, the years 2017 to 2019 when her group disbanded and she ventured out on her own as a soloist.

HA:TFELT poured her struggles and resolutions into her music for the last three years to create this album. It became a form of therapy and she assures listeners that she currently feels very in control of her life now.

The singer was first introduced as Wonder GirlsYeeun in 2007 under JYP Entertainment. After their disbandment in 2017, she signed with Amoeba Culture and re-emerged as HA:TFELT. She released a collaboration with MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul last August 2019 called “Happy Now.”

Watch the music videos here!

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MEDIA: Amoeba Culture