Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

WATCH: Gordon Ramsay Makes First Appearance On Korean Variety Show

World famous chef Gordon Ramsay has made his first appearance on a Korean variety show!

On the newest episode of “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator,” the respected chef made the first of two appearances on the program. This first appearance was a simple, brief introduction towards the end of the episode. Much to the excitement of all the cooks and chefs on the panel, the star came out and kindly greeted everyone personally, shaking all of their hands and telling each of them “Nice to see you.”

When he finally sat down at the table, the other professionals couldn’t help their nervous giggles as they stared in awe of the famous star.

As Mr. Ramsay looked around the table, one of the chefs began to speak in English to him, explaining a bit about the show. A fact which led Mr. Ramsay to ask some questions both about their uniforms and the others at the table.

Although his part was brief on this episode, next week, he will be back to take on the challenge of cooking the cast a meal in 15 minutes.

For both episodes, OnDemandKorea will have the English subtitles released shortly after the program airs in Korea.

Check out the cute video below to see Mr. Ramsay’s first appearance on a Korean variety show!

Media: JTBC

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