Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

WATCH: Golden Child Releases Sweet Summer Music Video For “LET ME”

On July 4th, Golden Child released the full music video for their newest song, “LET ME”!

“LET ME” is a refreshing, classic pop-rock track with electronic drums and an uplifting bridge that screams summer fun! All ten members of the group are seen in colorful outfits and fresh hair styles as they make music, play games, and take cute pictures for their loved ones.

“LET ME” is the title track off the group’s first single album, Goldenness. The album includes two other songs: “IF” and “Thanks.” Goldenness is an album that has a unique trait seen only in Woollim Entertainment idol groups’ albums. The name of each group’s first single album (often released around a year after the group’s debut) becomes their official fanclub name! INFINITE fans became known as Inspirit around the same time as the album for their title track “Nothing’s Over” was released. Lovelyz did the same thing when their song “For You” was released on their first single album Lovelinus. Following that pattern, just prior to finishing up their album, a poll was released with choices for the Golden Child’s fanclub name, and Goldenness ended up winning in the end!

Check out the new music video below, then let us know what you think about it!

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