Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

WATCH: Gaeko Is Feeling “Cold” About Love In New Track Featuring Heize

Gaeko has released an emotional new song entitled “Cold (바빠서).”

On February 25th, the track featuring Heize was released with a video on Stone Music Entertainment’s YouTube channel. While the video doesn’t feature Gaeko or Heize, a separate live performance video of the two was also released in addition to the music video.

The beautiful track starts with a simple acoustic guitar, before moving on with a slow beat that makes the perfect backdrop for Gaeko’s sad, emotional rap and vocals. The song is about experiencing a failing relationship and looking back to realize the part you played in its downfall.

Meanwhile, the beautifully shot video starts off with a couple who is arguing and evidently splitting ways. The video then begins to play backwards so we see the events of the day and how things which began so happily easily turned so cold.

Check out both the music video and the live performance below! What do you think of Gaeko’s new release?

Media: Stone Music Entertainment