Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

WATCH: Former XENO-T/Topp Dogg Member BJOO Is A “Backpacker” In Debut Music Video

Former XENO-T (formerly known as Topp Dogg) member BJOO made his solo debut with his first solo single, Backpacker, on September 26th at 12 p.m. KST.

Containing five songs including title track “Backpacker” and four instrumentals, the storytelling album conveys the bright and pleasant character of BJOO as he travels on the journey of life, always facing challenges and searching for new places fearlessly.  

The title song’s calming guitar performance in the verse to the electronic pop-style drop in the chorus, expresses the expectations and exhilaration of a new path. Not only does the song showcase BJOO’s beautiful and sweet-sounding vocal tone, the music video sees the former lead dancer of XENO-T/ToppDogg showing off his free-spirited and impassioned dance skills as well.

The instrumental tracks on the album are an appropriate soundtrack to ponder the thoughts and willingness of walking your own path. Each instrumental has its own accompanying official video, placing BJOO front and centre in each episode which expands on scenes featured in the MV. The videos serve as teasers to the main MV and title song and are available on the official channel of company WEHAVEATAIL.

WEHAVEATAIL is a fashion and music label formed by another former Topp Dogg member, Ghon, who was the group’s main vocalist and producer for their first two years. Now, he heads his own company while also leading production on his own music (under the name CLOVD) as well the entirety of Backpacker.

The singer makes an appearance alongside his former group mate in the music video and one of the project’s episodes. Additionally, BJOO noticeably wears products from WEHAVEATAIL’s fashion line.

Making his debut with Topp Dogg in 2013, BJOO continued as part of its line up when five members rebranded as XENO-T in 2018. It was recently confirmed by member Xero through a live stream that the group has, in fact, disbanded. Backpacker marks BJOO’s first release with WEHAVEATAIL in addition to marking the exciting start of a new chapter as a solo artist. 

Check out the music video for “Backpacker” below!

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