Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

WATCH: Former Produce 48 Trainee And AKB48 Graduate Takeuchi Miyu Releases “My Type” Special MV

Takeuchi Miyu has released a special music video!

On October 23rd KST, the former “Produce 48” star and AKB48 graduate revealed a project with singer-songwriter, Yoon Jongshin.

Entitled “My Type,” the city pop single was originally written two years ago but was set aside due to the fact that Yoon Jongshin couldn’t find a fitting singer for the song. It was originally slated for release earlier this year but was stalled by worsening ties between Korea and Japan.

The track is a confession song for females that was reportedly inspired by Kang Susie‘s “Violet Fragrance.” Its music video gives off a strong 80s retro feel and features Takeuchi Miyu just enjoying her time while singing to the camera.

Yoon Jongshin’s monthly project aims to showcase various colors of artists through various songs he writes. It began way back in 2010 but still continues to thrill avid listeners to this day.

Watch the music video below!

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MEDIA: Yoon Jongshin