Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

WATCH: Dreamcatcher, AleXa & IN2IT Team Up As Millenasia Project For Colorful And Inspiring “Be The Future” MV

Project group Millenasia Project, comprised of K-pop acts Dreamcatcher, AleXa and IN2IT, has released the music video of their COVID-19 awareness song “Be The Future.”

The catchy track was released on May 1st KST and speaks about the importance of education and safety during COVID-19. It was produced by fandom culture brand Millenasia in partnership with the Varkey Foundation for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)’s Global Education Coalition.

Well-known Korean video production team ZanyBros participated in the project and created the fun and educational “Be The Future” music video which highlights the drastic changes to everyday life during the pandemic. It tackles relevant topics like washing your hands, covering your face and coughing into your elbow. The rising K-pop artists also show how to stay connected while maintaining social distancing through video calls and live streaming.

The music video ends with the three K-pop acts of Millenasia Project, introducing themselves and sharing a message of support for the campaign.

Watch the inspirational MV (which includes subtitles in 13 languages) below!

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Media: Millenasia