Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

WATCH: D1CE Release Cute “One Summer” MV For CLEF CREW Collaboration Project

Boy group D1CE already had a stellar mid-year with the success of their June release “Draw You,” and now they are back on August 18th KST with a new track “One Summer.”

The song is part of agency Clef Company’s new project called CLEF CREW which sees talented songwriters, composers, and producers collaborating with different artists. New music is expected to be released every year.

The project single this year, CLEF CREW Project. take two, is a collaboration with D1CE Entertainment (subsidiary of Happy Face Entertainment) idol group, D1CE. Youngest member and rapper Jinyoung participated in the lyrics, deepening the collaborative nature of the project. 

“One Summer” is a bright and energetic song that combines electronic, disco and funky elements with synth lead sounds, creating the key atmosphere from the beginning.

The track progresses and develops in the latter half of the song, showcasing the unique color of D1CE through their vocals and rap which matching the mood of the song.

Songwriters and composers who worked on the track are members of the CLEF CREW production team including Oh Yoo Won (EXO’s “Love Me Right,” TST’s “Countdown,” VICTON’s “Mayday”) and Yoo Songyeon (whose writing and composing credits include songs for Red Velvet, Seven O’Clock, VANNER, VAV, RAINZ and more).

Check out the positively summery MV below!

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Media: Clef Company