Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

WATCH: Chinese Group BOY STORY Drops “Too Busy” MV Featuring GOT7’s Jackson Wang

BOY STORY has released a new song and video!

On July 26th, the boy group from JYP Entertainment‘s Chinese label dropped the music video for “Too Busy,” a new track featuring GOT7 star Jackson Wang. The video is filmed with bold, red colors as the young members show off the hard-hitting choreography and their rap and vocal skills. Meanwhile, Jackson Wang features in both the track and the video, dressed in a red outfit that matches the members of his junior group from JYP.

“Too Busy” is BOY STORY’s sixth digital single to be released after dropping their first pre-debut track “HOW OLD R U” in August of 2017. The group’s newest release is part of their current “Growing Project.”

BOY STORY is a six-member group that has gained a lot of attention due to their extremely young age in the entertainment industry. In fact, Shuyang— the youngest member of the group— is only 12 years old. Meanwhile, the oldest member of the group is Hanyu, who just turned 15 in May of this year. Despite their young age, however, the group already shows polished skills and great, natural talent for their hip-hop infused music.

Check out the new song and video below! What do you think of the group’s new release?

Media: JYP Entertainment