Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

WATCH: BTS’s V Drops Self-Composed Ballad With Beautiful “Winter Bear” MV

BTS‘s V has a special surprise for fans!

On August 9th, the talented singer dropped a music video for a new song entitled “Winter Bear.” The song was written and composed by V himself and is sung entirely in English— an amazing feat for someone who is learning English as a second language. In addition, the gorgeous video was produced by V as well.

The beautiful ballad begins with a simple acoustic guitar before V’s deep voice comes in with the velvet smoothness that he is famous for in his lower range. The song soon transitions for the chorus, however, as V shows off his falsetto tones that are sweet and clear. Meanwhile, the song itself tells of the love for someone special as even the sight of their face is enough to chase away the memories of bad days.

It seems the release of the song is a special gift to fans to celebrate 1,000 days since V invented the phrase “I Purple You,” a saying that means “I will love and trust you forever.”

Check out the lovely song and video below! What do you think?