Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

WATCH: BTOB Inspires In Suave And Cinematic “Outsider” Music Video

BTOB returned with a special album [4U: OUTSIDE] on August 30th at 6 p.m. KST, almost ten months after the current four members made their debut as sub-unit BTOB 4U.

The title track “Outsider” takes on the neo-funk/neo-soul genre and continues to showcase the group’s endless musical diversity. 

The song delivers comfort to people who are tired and weary from daily life, encouraging them to break out of their repetitive routines and to find strength to walk their own path to happiness. 

BTOB members Lee Minhyuk (HUTA) and Peniel wrote the relatable and personable lyrics, while Ryan S. Jhun, Cameron Warren, Max Cooke and Shaun Smith composed the track which is layered with addictive melodies.

The omnibus-style music video features the members’ individual stories, told through the group’s trademark quirkiness and charm. The chic and mature atmosphere is elevated by classy noir-style scenes, complete with sophisticated fashion and a Michael Jackson-inspired dance break.

[4U: OUTSIDE] spans a variety of genres and musical colors and includes the members’ own emotions with Minhyuk and Peniel’s participation in the lyrics for all six tracks with Minhyuk co-composing the closing song “Finale (Show And Prove).” 

Penultimate track “Waiting 4 U” was co-written and co-composed by BTOB member Lim Hyunsik, who along with Yook Sungjae, is currently completing their military enlistment. 

Check out the explosive “Outsider” MV below!

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