Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

WATCH: Brand New Music’s New Unit BDC Makes Their Debut With Beautiful “REMEMBER ME” MV

BDC, also known as Boys Da Capo, has made their debut!

On October 29th, the new unit from the label Brand New Music released the music video for “REMEMBER ME.” The members’ youthful voices fill the song with clarity and strength in the ballad-style verse before going into a more pop sound on the chorus. The combination makes for a beautiful song that can be enjoyed by all fans of the K-pop genre.

As all three members of the unit first became known due to their appearances on “Produce X 101,” the message of the song has a special meaning. While asking people not to forget them and their past efforts, they promise that even though they have to start over again and work their way up, they won’t forget the past love and support they received and will work hard always to become a success.

“REMEMBER ME” is the title track off the unit’s single album, also entitled Boys Da Capo.

The unit is made up of three Brand New Music trainees who will officially debut as part of a group later one. The members are Kim SihunHong Seongjun, and Yun Junghwan.

Check out the MV below! What do you think?

Media: 1theK