Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

WATCH: Billie Makes An Impression With Eclectic “RING X RING” Debut MV

On November 10th at 6 p.m. KST, Mystic Story introduced their first ever-group, Billlie!

Billlie made their debut with the title track “RING X RING,” written by Kim Eana and composed by Lee Minsoo, which sings about a fictional village encompassed by mystery. This sets-up the storyline for their group concept which will pursue the storyline of whether they will accept things as they are or make their move to change their fates. The music video was directed by Hwang Suah who has worked with artists like Brown-Eyed Girls, IU, HyunA, SHINee, and more.

Billlie is a six-piece team with four South Korean members (namely Moon Sua, Suhyeon, Haram, and Siyoon) and two Japanese members (Tsuki and Haruna). Suhyeon previously competed in trainee reality shows, “Produce 101” and “MIXNINE.” Their debut EP, The Billage of Perception: Chapter One, comes bearing six tracks with “Flowerld” being pre-released with a lyric video ahead of the EP’s drop.

Watch the music video here!

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