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WATCH: BIGFLO’s Sungmin Provides Shelter In Powerful “Lean On Me” Music Video

Vocalist Sungmin of boy group BIGFLO has released his first digital single “Lean On Me” on December 21st at 6 p.m. KST.

The song is a ballad that offers comfort during the difficult and exhausting times in life. The lyrics remind us that sometimes it is necessary to look back and rest, rather than suffering silently. 

Sungmin worked on the song with the hope that it will of some help to those who want to have someone to lean on. He wrote and composed the track with musician ColdoK (Choi Suin), an artist and producer from music label 1LO PARADISE. Sungmin took to Instagram to express his thoughts and emotional process behind the creation of “Lean On Me.” 


We all have different situations and environments, but in our lives we suffer in common. Also, we all have different ways and times to overcome the difficulties because we all have different personalities.

“Lean On Me” is a song that comforts someone, but I was also able to be comforted while working because I was one of those numerous people. I hope this song will comfort someone in the midst of countless songs…

I want to say this to someone in need of comfort.
I’ll be your small shelter.
If that someone is me,
I’ll be your small shelter.

Finally, the album and music video came out.
The people who helped me until the song came out.
For those who supported and waited,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I won’t forget and I’ll be forever grateful for you.

Sungmin (BIGFLO)

BIGFLO are currently on hiatus while the three members Euijin, Sungmin, and Lex pursue individual activities. Originally debuting with boy group A-BLE a few years prior to joining BIGFLO, Sungmin recently completed his military duties and was discharged earlier this year.

Watch the “Lean On Me” music video below!

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