Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

WATCH: BewhY And Simba Zawadi Present A “Hymn” Off Collaborative EP “Neo Christian”

BewhY and Simba Zawadi released a seven-track collaboration album titled Neo Christian on June 15th

The powerful and celestial title track “Hymn” stacks industrial samples over hardcore hip-hop beats with impeccably flowing rhymes and direct, thoughtful lyrical content. The song showcases both artists’ unique vocal and rap styles and was produced by Gray, who also composed the song with the two rappers.

As expected from the name of the album, and song titles such as “Holy Ghost Is Coming Down. Kneel,” “David N Elijah,” and “Let Me Know, God” (which features C.Jamm, the runner-up of BewhY’s winning season of “Show Me The Money,” and female rapper Jvcki Wai), the record explores themes of Christianity, faith, and spirituality, presenting them in a candid and relatable way.

Even if you aren’t a fan of such themes, the musical creativity and artistic choices are sure to impress the most skeptical of listeners.

Check out the futuristic and visually-captivating MV (which includes subtitles in multiple languages) below!

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Media: Dejavu Group