Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

WATCH: Behind-The-Scenes Video Shows Minhyun Overwhelmed With Emotion When Friends Are Eliminated On “Produce 101”

Mnet has released new videos of behind-the-scenes moments of the “Produce 101” finale, and one in particular has got fans emotional!

When Pledis Entertainment trainee and NU’EST member Minhyun made it into the final 11 on the show and his fellow members were eliminated, especially Jonghyun who was considered one of the top trainees from the beginning, he could barely enjoy his good fortune due to being so upset about his members.

The video first starts out with the top 11 being announced, and we see Minhyun’s face growing more upset as he realizes his members won’t make it after all. When the live show ends, some cameras kept rolling to film their reactions. Despite former trainees coming to congratulate him and give him hugs, he can’t be fully happy as his tears keep flowing. A particular sad moment is shown when he tries to hug Jonghyun, but Jonghyun acts like it’s not a big deal and keeps smiling and moves on quickly. Dongho, who was also eliminated, looks worried and keeps trying to pat Minhyun’s shoulders and make him smile.

In a backstage interview, he still can’t fully enjoy the moment, even though Jonghyun is standing there smiling and even says, “Congratulations.” In a later solo interview, he goes on to thank everyone for their support, thanks his parents, and then as his voice breaks, he mentions his members as well.

Check out the bittersweet video below!

Media: Mnet

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