Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

WATCH: Baekhyun Warms Up The Cold Winter With New Single “Amusement Park”

EXOs Baekhyun has officially made a much awaited comeback with his new single “Amusement Park” right in time for Christmas!

“‘Amusement Park” is an acoustic R&B track with a heavy focus on Baekhyun’s sweet honey-like vocals, aided by beautiful piano and guitar accompaniments. Baekhyun’s voice radiates a warmth that is much needed on a cold winter’s night. The lyrics of the song liken the affection one feels for a lover to the thrills and pleasures of an amusement park that opens only for them.

Going along with the theme of the lyrics, a beautiful, fantastical carousel lit with fairy lights moves slowly but surely in the background of the video as Baekhyun serenades viewers in the live video. For EXO-Ls, Christmas truly came early!

You can watch the music video for Baekhyun’s solo single “Amusement Park” below!

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Ishani Sarkar is a self-professed learner for life, trying to find meaning and happiness in the smallest of things. She found her safe haven within the world of Korean entertainment and she’s never letting go.