Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

WATCH: B.A.P’s ZELO Is Feeling The Beat In Special “Parkour” Short Film

Talented artist ZELO is here with a gift!

On August 30th KST, the multitalented idol rapper dropped the special video for his track, “Parkour.”

The film mainly shows ZELO on rooftops, moving and swaying to the beat, simply enjoying himself as he performs. Credits for the video reveal that ZELO himself directed, produced, and edited it himself. He was also written down as the one who created the song along with 2Jay.

ZELO first rose to fame with B.A.P. in 2012. He debuted as a solo artist earlier this year with mini album, Distance, and title track, “Questions.”

Watch the short film here!

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MEDIA: ByZelo, A Entertainment