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WATCH: ASTRO’s Jinjin Gifts Fans A Duet With Moonbin In “Fly” Mood Film

ASTRO‘s Jinjin has delivered the most precious gift to fans!

On April 19th at noon KST, the group’s leader revealed a new digital single titled “Fly (Duet with. Moonbin (ASTRO)).”

The song features the voice of the beloved late ASTRO member Moonbin, who passed away exactly a year ago. Released on a day that many fans would be sad, “Fly” is a meaningful and comforting gift as it was written and composed by Jinjin and Moonbin together, featuring Moonbin’s voice.

The digital single’s description on Korean music sites sums up the significance of this release beautifully: Bini’s gift to those who miss him.

“Fly” isn’t the first song to be released in Moonbin’s honor. In the past year, SEVENTEEN member Woozi dropped a song the singer vowed to never release. Following Moonbin’s passing he publicly pledged to finally release “What Kind of Future” as a birthday gift for his friend who had always encouraged him to do so, even going so far as to say that he will fight his company to make it happen.

Moonbin was a beloved figure not only as a member of ASTRO and its sub-unit Moonbin&Sanha but also within the Korean entertainment industry as a whole.

The news of his passing one year ago today shocked everyone who knew him both personally and professionally. He continues to live on as a member of ASTRO, through music, on-screen, and in the memories shared with family, friends, and fans. Now thanks to Jinjin, there is a special addition to Moonbin’s unforgettable legacy.

Watch the mood film for “Fly (Duet with. Moonbin (ASTRO))” below!

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