Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

WATCH: Apink CHOBOM Makes Strong Sub-Unit Debut In “Copycat” Music Video

Apink members Chorong and Bomi have formed a new sub-unit called CHOBOM!

The duo made their debut on July 12th at 6 p.m. KST with “Copycat” which is off their first single album of the same name. The pop dance title track combines minimalist and modern instrumentation with a harmony of differing sounds mirroring the pair’s own distinct colors becoming one unit. 

It was composed by global producers Kella Armitage, GG Ramirez, and Jurek Reunamaki who have worked with NCT Dream and TWICE. The lyrics tell the story of imitating everything from someone you like and was penned by esteemed K-pop songwriter, Jo Yoonkyung. Chorong and Bomi deliver the “Copycat” message with unique charms and attractive vocals.

Moreover, the quirky music video displays a new side of CHOBOM and is filled with eclectic visuals and intriguing concepts. Check it out for yourself below! 

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MEDIA: IST Entertainment