Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

WATCH: Acoustic Hip-Hop Female Duo DORITORI Present A “Summer Story” In Serene MV

Following their first mini album With Us in July, acoustic hip-hop duo DORITORI have returned with the delightful and sweet “Summer Story” on August 26th KST.

Consisting of members Dori (leader, rapper, guitarist) and Tori (main vocalist), the pair has been impressing the public and fans alike with their unique blend of acoustic music and hip-hop since their 2015 debut.

“Summer Story” originally appeared as a CD-only demo version on the group’s first mini album and now the complete version has been revealed.

The combination of Tori’s calm, soothing vocals and Dori’s defined raspy voice over the light, airy guitar melody creates the perfect feeling to accompany a late summer’s day or night. The real lyrics ponder if the tiredness one is feeling is a result of the heat or the situation in their relationship.

The music video stars model Han Hyunju playing the same protagonist as DORITORI’s previous single “Hot Ice Americano” which featured Hwan of KYURI Entertainment boy group N.CUS both as a vocalist on the track and actor in the MV. 

Check out the “Summer Story” MV below!

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