Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

WATCH: A.C.E’s Jun, Donghun, And Chan Sing About “First Love” For Collaboration With Hong Changwoo


A.C.E‘s Jun, Donghun, and Chan participated in a special single called “First Love” which was released on April 15th KST!

The ballad track explores the rollercoaster of emotions brought about by the recollection of first love. Hong Changwoo co-wrote lyrics and co-composed the song, a piece from his collaborative “First Story” project album.

A.C.E is five-member team that debuted under Beat Interactive in 2017. They recently released a Japanese album called My Lover with a title song of the same name. The group last held an official comeback with Under Cover : The Mad Squad with the lead single “Savage” in October 2019.

Watch the music video here!

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