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VIXX Releases MV and Choreography Teasers for Upcoming Comeback, “Fantasy”


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With VIXX‘s comeback on the horizon, Jellyfish Entertainment has been meticulously teasing fans with more and more content to spark additional excitement. On the morning of August 9th, @RealVIXX posted a Monitor Spoiler for Fantasy’s Choreography:

Choreographer Keone Madrid was tagged in the tweet, who then responded with one of his own:

Keone Madrid choreographed Se7en‘s  Digital Bounce and Better Together. His more recent works include GOT7’s Just Right, B1A4’s Tried to Walk, and two of the most renown BTS routines, Dope and Fire. With Madrid’s sharp style and hard-hitting dance moves, VIXX’s latest comeback will surely be just as intense and impressive as anticipated, if not more.

On top of that, Jellyfish revealed the MV teaser the following day. Fans can get a glimpse of the choreography interspersed between ominous settings and midnight blue backdrops. The cryptic scenes and flashing images suggest that there is a bigger story to be told.

It seems like admirers of the groups’ darker concepts won’t be disappointed!

VIXX’s new album, “Hades” is set to release on August 12th at 12 am KST, and the music video for “Fantasy” will then be released on the 15th, after two days of concerts: VIXX Live Fantasia “Elysium.”

Can you figure out what’s going on? (Hint: Visit the original Conception Art Film and Conception Opening Trailer to look for parallels!)

Check out the teaser below. Got any theories? Share them in the comments!

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