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Violinist JuNCurryAhn Delivers Gorgeous Cover Of Infinite’s “The Eye”

Violinist JuNCurryAhn (or Jun Sung Ahn) is popular for his many Kpop covers, such as BTS‘s “Save Me” or BIGBANG‘s “Loser.” This summer, he also made appearances at KCON NY and LA, performing in front of large crowds of K-Pop fans who are in love with his musical style.

On September 18th, popular boy group INFINITE made their long-awaited comeback with “The Eye,” a song about being caught in the eye of a storm and experiencing the aftermath of a break-up, with past memories swirling around you like a “storm.”

A little less than a month later, violinist JuNCurryAhn posted a cover of the song on his official YouTube channel. With the piano accompaniment and arrangement backed by fellow YouTuber Tiffany Chang, Jun leaves both his fans and INFINITE’s fans listening in awe. Starting gently and ending with an emotional crescendo, the passionate violinist adds another layer of sadness and loss to the song, making it all the more poignant to any listener.

Check out the cover below, and let us know what you think!

JuNCurryAhn recently returned from his UNTTLD tour! You can watch the “Behind the Scenes” video here.

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Media: JuNCurryAhn Official YouTube Channel

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