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NCTzens have been busy lately since NCT 127 is back!

Recently, NCT 127 released their second Japanese mini-album, entitled LOVEHOLIC, and the music video for the title track, “gimme gimme.”

This past weekend, the Atlanta NCTzen fanbase NCT Atlanta hosted a Valentine’s Day event at MooTea. The event was created for NCT members with February birthdays: Doyoung, Jisung, Johnny, Jaehyun, Jungwoo, and Ten. The event was open from 12:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. each day and was a collaboration between NCT Atlanta and the multi-fan organization KpopXAtlanta. Both communities work together, and often with other Kpop fanbases, to host events and projects around the Atlanta area.

WTK talked with the NCT Atlanta team— Danaya, Cierra M, Cierra S, and Iyanna— to get the scoop on the event.

NCT Atlanta: NCT, Will You Be Our Valentine?

WTK: What made you decide to host this particular event?

Danaya: Definitely because there are six members’ [birthdays] in this month. These are special members since they have been working so hard since day one. We wanted to celebrate each one which gave us the idea of a two-day event. We celebrated three members each day. They definitely deserve it, and we knew that fans would love to come out to celebrate their birthdays and Valentine’s Day.

Credit: WTK

WTK: That’s so awesome! In order for everyone to feel comfortable and safe here, what COVID-19 precautions did you take? 

Cierra M: I let people in, but as soon as I did, I sprayed their hands with hand sanitizer. We worked with the vendor so that only 3-5 people could enter at a time, excluding the few admins. We made sure to do it in a safe manner, so that kids could get in, that we didn’t split any families up. People who came in weren’t allowed to stay in the cafe longer than 10 minutes, unless they bought food. Everyone maintained healthy social distancing, inside and out. If we handed them a photo card, we didn’t touch their hands, we were very safe with it. Also, nobody was allowed in if they didn’t have a mask on.

Credit: @NCT_Atlanta

Cierra S: I sprayed down the tables after each customer and [sprayed down] also the Photo Booth. 

WTK: How was the turnout over the past two days?

Danaya: It’s been really successful. This was our first event where we had so many fans come that we actually sold out of [some products]. So, it’s been very perfect! 

Cierra M: This morning we said day two should be less than day one. Day two has actually been better than day one..

WTK: And, today is Valentine’s Day too.

Danaya: Yes, and I will say that it definitely came out better than what we were expecting.

WTK: We’re so glad to hear that and happy for you all. Since you have all worked so hard with putting this together for these talented artists, what would you say to them if you had the opportunity?

Danaya: The first thing I would say is thank you. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. Thank you for showing love to us.

Cierra M: And for showing us that we’re not alone with all of our issues. That we all go through the same issues as you. It’s nice to hear that comfort.

WTK: We totally agree. (For our readers, “Not Alone” is a great, underrated NCT 127 song. At times when you are alone, listen to that song! You just might get teary-eyed.)

WTK’s Pick: Love Me Now! [Also a great NCT song!]

Iyanna: Thank you for being a light in our eyes. You are there for your fans. You make music for us. You are supportive of us fans. Thank you for everything! 

Cierra S: I also want to say thank you, but this is a little bit personal. When my stepfather passed away, I actually had really gotten into NCT. And, literally everyone helped me, everyone in NCT. So, I just want to say thank you again.

WTK: Lastly, does NCT Atlanta have any upcoming events you want everyone to know about?

Cierra S: Yes, actually. Next month, we are supposed to be hosting a picnic for fans who are a part of our fanbase membership to show our appreciation for being with us for almost a year now. We are incredibly thankful to them.

Danaya: Yes, it’s gonna be our fanbase’s one year anniversary. It will be on March 27th, Saturday!

WTK: Again, thank you so much for putting on this event. You’ve done an awesome job here. Thank you also for following WTK. We really appreciate it!

Breaktime with MooTea ‘s Anki

After speaking with the NCT Atlanta team, WTK briefly sat down with the owner of MooTea, Anki.

WTK: Hello, Anki. How did NCT Atlanta approach you for this event?

Anki: They contacted me through Instagram.

WTK: What are your thoughts on hosting an event like this? 

Anki: It’s a pretty good opportunity for us, so that more people can know about us. 

WTK: It’s a very cute cafe. The aesthetic in here is very nice! Have you done any events like this before?

Anki: Yes, we have. We once hosted an Asian sorority. It was right before the pandemic, last year, like around February or March.

WTK: Can we expect more events like this in the future from MooTea?

Anki: Sure! We are actually expanding our business, so we are looking for a second location. It might be north Atlanta. Maybe John’s Creek, Midtown, or the Buckhead area, but we haven’t decided yet. 

WTK: That sounds like a great idea, Anki. What do you recommend at MooTea besides the delicious drinks at today’s event?

Anki: Well, all our drinks are handmade. We serve premium drinks here. Our taro paste is handmade and our mochi is as well.

WTK: Do you use alternative milk as well? Like almond milk, oat milk, or soy milk? Or is there a more purist approach?

Anki: We don’t. We only use premium grade milk. We also don’t use artificial sweetener or flavors. Our toppings and cakes are premium, too. 

WTK: Ah, yes, I remember seeing a picture of one of the custom cakes on Instagram. It was beautiful! Thank you for your time, Anki, to answer some questions about today’s event.


The six celebrated NCT members are as follows: Doyoung – February 1st, 1996, Jisung – February 5th, 2002, Johnny – February 9th, 1995, Jaehyun – February 14th, 1997, Jungwoo – February 19th, 1998, and Ten – February 27th, 1996. 

Valentine’s Day Goodies

For this special event, fans were able to admire the decorations and pick up banners, photo cards, and beautiful custom cup holders when they purchased a drink. KpopXAtlanta also set up a table where fans could come by and join the membership or buy their wares from local vendors like MintMilkCrafts and Sweet Peach Pins. NCT Atlanta also set up a photo area where fans could memorialize their romantic day with NCT and friends. For fans who donated to NCT Atlanta to contribute to the event, the fanbase prepared special Valentine’s for them. Fans that could not be there in person, received theirs in the mail.

As part of the event, three special(tea) drinks were offered.

In This Interview:

Mootea is located in Duluth, Georgia, outside of Atlanta. Its website states that Mootea is “Ahead of the Trend” when it comes to serving premium drinks. Follow them on their SNS here and here!

Follow KpopXAtlanta! They support local fan artists and host events with multiple fandoms. They are currently offering memberships and for their next event they will be collaborating with Wonho’s Atlanta fanbase, WonhoXAtlanta on March 6th. So, save the date, WENEE!  

Follow NCT Atlanta and join the ATLzen community! Be sure to check out the NCT Atlanta 1st Anniversary picnic on Saturday, March 27th. Just remember to wear your mask! 


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In the meantime, check out NCT 127’s latest music video below!

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