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“Train To Busan” Star Ma Dong Seok Confirmed To Be Dating Ye Jung Hwa

On November 18th, Osen news outlet revealed that actor Ma Dong Seok is dating Ye Jung Hwa. The news was later confirmed by their agency.

The famous actor and “Train To Busan” star is well-known for his love of exercise, so it should come as no surprise that his girlfriend is famous fitness trainer Ye Jung Hwa.

The two celebrities are both signed under Daydream Entertainment and have been dating for about three months now. In addition to their shared love of healthy habits and fitness, the two also share a common interest in English. Add to the fact that they are both under the same label, it seems only natural that the two grew close with time.

Proving perhaps most interesting to fans is the fact that Ma Dong Seok is 45-years-old, while Ye Jung Hwa is only 28-years-old. This means the two celebrities have a 17 year age difference, not a very common occurrence among Korean celebrities.

Also proving of interest to fans is the fact that Ye Jung Hwa had previously named the exercise-loving actor as her ideal type, leading fans to cheer for this young lady who has been lucky enough to start dating her ideal celebrity.

We congratulate the new couple and wish them the best of luck in the relationship.

Media: Daydream Entertainment

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